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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

[Free ebook]Learn Excel® VBA in 24 Hours: A quick reference for beginners

[Free ebook]Learn Excel® VBA in 24 Hours: A quick reference for beginners


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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the programming language built into Microsoft Office applications (such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook) to automate various tasks in their own environment and to work with other applications.
This book focuses on VBA in Microsoft Excel for Windows. The discussions in the book are applicable to Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and Excel 2016, unless otherwise stated. It starts with Chapter 1, which is to get you familiarize with some essential tools that help you to write your VBA programs. Chapter 2 covers the places where you should store your VBA code. Chapter 3 is the fundamentals of programming in VBA. It provides you a quick reference in writing syntax error-free VBA code, in debugging, and in handling errors. Chapter 4 offers some other tips on VBA programming.
This book is for readers that are totally new to Excel VBA, but should have a basic understanding of programming language, such as C or Python. The reader should be an average Excel user who knows, for example, what an array formula is. If you are new to Excel, please teach yourself Excel before exploring the chapters. You may refer to another book written by me entitled Learn Microsoft® Excel® 2010-2016 for Windows® in 24 Hours - A jumpstart to be an intermediate user, which was written for those who are new to Excel.
This book does not serve as a comprehensive reference for intermediate users. Nevertheless, it is a jumpstart for beginners to learn Excel VBA. It is also served as a foundation for my future books and other references that are beyond the reach of beginners.
I hope this book will shorten your time to teach yourself Excel VBA and serve as a quick reference in writing error-free and working VBA programs in realizing your goal. Let Excel VBA work for you.
A supplementary Excel file to share
The author would like to share a supplementary Excel file. It contains almost all code listings and code statements stated in this book. Sub procedures are ready to be executed either by clicking buttons on worksheets or by accessing the Marco dialog box. Functions are ready to be tested in worksheet formulas. The file definitely facilitates you to master the content of the book.
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