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Thursday, July 09, 2020

[FREE EBOOK]VBA For Excel Made Simple (Made Simple Programming)

[FREE EBOOK]VBA For Excel Made Simple (Made Simple Programming) 


Product description

This book provides an introduction to VBA for Excel for new users. It covers basic concepts of VBA and of macro programming, and takes the reader through the process of constructing interactive working applications.

Features which make it particularly suitable for new and non-technical users are:
* step-by-step approach
* avoidance of jargon
* clear explanation of all new concepts, symbols and objects
* emphasis on correct use of VBA development environment
* plentiful examples and the use of complete programs rather than disconnected fragments.

* Requires no technical or in-depth computer knowledge
* Aimed at the UK and European user
* Easy explanations of how to programme macros for Excel

About the Author

Keith has over 20 years of experience of teaching programming in a variety of languages, as well as more than 4 years combined industrial experience of computer programming in both mainframe and microcomputer languages.
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